First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!! You’ve finally decided to get married.

South Jersey Disc – Jockeys provide our clients with top-notch ProfessionalDisc – Jockeys.Our staff will perform at your Wedding with elegance, style and class…these ingredients are keys to the success of your Wedding. First, we will schedule a meeting with you and your spouse to plan the Ultimate reception. We will adjust the announcements, music, and specialty dances according to your taste. It’s your Wedding and we want it to be PERFECT!!!

We have performed at hundreds of successful wedding receptions over the last 25 years. We understand that entertainment will be the singly most remembered aspect of your reception. Our staff will listen to you and your personal vision for your reception. We will blend your vision with our years of expertise to ensure your event goes smoothly from start to finish.

When you arrive at the reception, South Jersey Disc Jockeys will allow you to enjoy the remainder of your day STRESS FREE. We will take charge of your affair acting as your wedding coordinator and emcee, communicating with the photographer and caterer throughout the reception. We will inform you in advance when these activities will occur allowing you to enjoy your day with family and friends.

The following is a guide used at most receptions:

Prior to the arrival of the Bride and Groom at the reception, we will play elegant dinner music and for your guests. Selections and artists can be picked out by you or leave it up to us.

Once you arrive, we will meet with you to go over any last minute changes you may have. We will organize your Bridal Party according to the forms you have filled out. Your DJ will announce your Bridal Party into the reception area. (You can pick a specific song for the Bridal Party and yourself while you are being introduced.)

Once you are introduced into the room, it will be time to dance to your Wedding Song. Your Bridal Party can join in halfway if you wish or the Bridal Party can dance to a separate song.

Next comes the Blessing, Toast and Dinner is served.
After dinner is served, the Bride normally dances with her Father, then the Groom dances with his Mother. Once these dances are completed, we will open the dance floor for you and your guests with music you have selected or leave it up to us.

After about one to two hours, we will throw the bouquet, garter and cut the cake. The DJ will constantly be communicating in advance to let you, the photographer and caterer know when these activities will occur.